Could Hawaii’s Cashless Marijuana Market Work?

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Hawaii is making a bold move by creating the country’s first completely cashless marijuana market. As of October 1, the great state will mandate that all cannabis transactions be done using a debit payment app, according to a statement reported by the Associated Press.Hawaii’s motivation for the move seems pretty sound. Avoiding cash, o

The Pros And Cons Of Weed Decriminalization In Atlanta

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Atlanta, Georgia is the latest city in the country to decriminalize cannabis, as of a unanimous vote by the city council on Monday night. Possession of any amount under an ounce now warrants only a $75 fine. Possession is still a crime in the rest of Georgia, warranting up to 6 months in jail or $1,000 in fines.The decision was made to counteract s

You Got To Go Through A Lot Of Trouble To Buy Legal Weed In D.C.

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Gift exchange systems, over-priced T-shirts and coffee mugs, extravagant public gatherings with coded merchandise. This is the kind of shit you have to go through to legally “buy” or “sell” cannabis in the District of Columbia.Though the city legalized weed back in 2015, they only legalized the possession of it, not the sale

1 In 3 Teens Think Driving Stoned Is Legal

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A full 33% of teenagers think that if you’re in a state with legalized recreational marijuana, it’s legal to drive while under the influence of marijuana. That’s according to a new survey conducted by Liberty Mutual Insurance and SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions).Last spring, 2,800 teenagers were surveyed on their know

NFL Takes Stand To Reshape Future Of U.S. Drug Laws

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Amid turmoil in the federal government over the future of federal drug policy, an unlikely force may be laying groundwork to alter the future of drug enforcement: the National Football League.Tom Marino, the guy President Trump nominated for national Drug Czar because of his experience as an agent of pharmaceutical lobbyists while serving as a U.S.

Concentrate Use On The Rise In California, Colorado, Washington

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Research in three different states shows a surge of cannabis concentrates sales. In a market that used to be dominated almost entirely by flower, experts are trying to figure out what’s behind the change, and where it’s headed.Two different analytics firms ran studies in different states, but came to basically the same conclusion. This

Which Fast Food Restaurants Do Stoners Eat At Most?

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Fast food has been a cornerstone of stonerdom since time out of mind. The drive-thru at a Del Taco is, for many potheads, an experience remembered as fondly as it is vaguely.But have you ever wondered which fast food joints cannabis users like best? Neither have we, but for some reason some researchers have spent a lot of time and energy tracking t

Hmong Immigrants Stake Niche In NorCal Cannabis Market

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For immigrants to the U.S., the business they’re in can be crucial, not just for economic stability, but for identity as well.When Hmong people first started migrating to the country in 1975, fleeing the communist takeover of Laos, many could find only jobs in unskilled labor: things like factory or custodial work. It was a long way from the

Al Sharpton: Medical Marijuana A “Civil Right”

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In a speech which called out the hypocrisy and racial inequality of the cannabis business, Reverend Al Sharpton called medical marijuana a “civil right.”Sharpton spoke Thursday at the Cannabis World Congress and Business Exposition in Boston.“Who would think that we are in the 21st century debating about whether we are going to co

Northern California Weed Crops Set To Take A Hit From Wildfires

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Wildfires of disaster proportions in Northern California are wreaking havoc on cannabis crops.As of Monday night, ten people are dead from the fires and more than 100 others are being treated for injuries. Not of least concern is damage to property, which will not only leave residents without homes but also severely hinder local industries. 1,500 s

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