Why Is Teen Cannabis Use At A 20-Year Low?

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Despite cannabis being legal, in some form, in over half the country, and legal for recreational use in eight states, use among adolescents and teens is at a 22-year low, according to a new federal study.The annual National Survey on Drug Use and Health was released this week and the findings are interesting. The survey showed that the number of te

First Ever National Cannabis TV Ad Airs On CNN, Fox News, Beyond

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Cannabis has come a long way in this 21st century. It was only a generation ago that you could still get a decade of hard prison time for possession. And now you can see commercials for it in the same programming block as Tucker Carlson and “I’m Thinking Arby’s” ads.More precisely, you can now see a commercial for a weed law

Why Don’t Charities Want To Take Donations From Cannabis Companies?

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“The message was essentially you’re a drug dealer.” That’s what Organa Brands President Chris Driessen told Forbes when describing the response from charities to his company’s proposed donations.Organa Brands has had hella success in the last few years. They make the ubiquitous O.penVape and expand into other concentra

Woman Claims Cannabis Oil Cured Her Of Brain Tumor

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A Scottish woman has made a full recovery from a deadly tumor and says it’s all thanks to cannabis extracts.In 2013, doctors diagnosed Lynn Cameron with stage four brain cancer and gave her 6 to 18 months to live. Despite the hopeless outlook, Cameron took combined surgical, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments, but these had no impact on t

The Best SoCal Dispensaries Are Outside LA, Says New List

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Angelino stoners with discerning taste might need to get out of the city to find the best bud service, according to a new list from Leafly.The quarterly, regional list compiles consumer feedback given to the online weed encyclopedia. Then, of course, an algorithm compares the various dispensaries and, presto: you get a comprehensive list of the bes

Why Is It So Hard To Get Legal Cannabis Lounges?

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Weed aficionados started getting psyched earlier this week when Nevada’s Legislative Counsel Bureau released an opinion saying that the state has no law against private cannabis lounges where patrons would be free to smoke or otherwise imbibe cannabis products. There were no bills, no measures, no votes. The ruling simply said that current st

Why Does Weed Make Music Even Better?

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Here’s a nice stoned thought for you. You probably already had it, but maybe it got lost between dab hits and Adult Swim episodes. Anyone who’s smoked (or dabbed or vaped, edibled or tinctured) a few times knows that music gets a little deeper when you’re under the influence.Or it’s more like it goes a little deeper. You see

What’s With The Netherlands’ Ban On Cannabis Extracts?

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The Dutch are practically synonymous with weed smoking. For generations, before the U.S. started to legalize the plant state by state, the Netherlands (Amsterdam, in particular) was the cannabist’s holiday destination of choice. Cheech and Chong went there. Vincent Vega and Ocean’s Eleven too.Even the word “dutch” has come t

Legal Weed Takes Big Steps Back In Nevada and Massachusetts

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Last November, when four new states voted to legalize marijuana, it seemed like a big step forward for cannabis legislation. And it was, but ten months later, some of these states are having to take a little of little steps backward before they make that giant leap for mankind.Both Nevada and Massachusetts saw setbacks in their legal cannabis progr

California Governor Gets Bill To Limit Butane Sales

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Just in time to trip up California’s oncoming legal weed bonanza, a bill has landed on Governor Jerry Brown’s desk which could seriously complicate the legal manufacture of butane hash oil in the state.AB 1120 would, if signed, make butane legally akin to chemicals used in methamphetamine production. Sales would be limited to 600 millil

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